Bates Electric is a PowerPro Elite dealer for Generac.  We were the first dealer in the St. Louis area.  A Power Pro dealer meets a stringent set of requirements ensuring customers receive a best-in-class sales and service experience when purchasing Generac products. PowerPro dealers employ a dedicated staff of power generation experts, carry Generac as their primary generator line, provide 24/7 support, maintain market-appropriate parts inventory, and consistently receive high reviews from their customer base.

We offer fully integrated Generac Power Systems that include industrial, commercial, and residential generator sets as well as automatic transfer switches, controls, fuel tanks, enclosures and remote monitoring software. We offer:

  • Industrial Standby
  • Modular Industrial Standby
  •  Residential/Light Commercial
  • Telecommunications

Each generator comes with a warranty from Generac.  These warranties are based on the type of generator.  You may also purchase an extended warranty for 5 years, 7 years, or 1o years .  Theses warranties include parts and labor.